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[wingide-users] Some bugs, some WEPs on WingIDE 1.1b5 (WinNT)

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Tue, 15 May 2001 17:29:49 -0400 (EDT)


Just a few notes on the items you listed...  Thanks for taking the time
to make these comments and bug reports!

- Stephan


On Tue, 15 May 2001, F. GEIGER wrote:
> -- The name of the project should be visible in the title bar of the Project
> Manager.
> -- *All* windows should be scrollable with a wheel mouse (have a look at
> PythonWin from M. Hammond).
> -- Strange key mapping on my machine: Pressing Esc fills the line with
> 'Bel'.
> -- Shift-Ctrl-greater/less does not work on a German keyboard: The '<' and
> the '>' are both on *one* button. For '<' you don't have to press Shift, for
> '>' you have to.

These should all be done soon (before 1.1 final).  You can change
keymap.normal yourself in your installation, to work around the last one
for now.  We'll probably change the default mapping to something more
compatible with that type of keyboard.

> -- Copy with Ctrl-C does not copy the last character (very anoying).

Oops... bad Windows-specific off-by-one bug.

> -- Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Dn should work at least in source windows (have a look
> at PythonWin from M. Hammond).
> -- There must be a Tab Nanny (have a look at PythonWin from M. Hammond).
> -- You definitely should consider to implement all the COM features of
> PythonWin.

We'll have to look at these.  I've added them as candidates for 1.2 but
the COM stuff is probably further off.

> -- A click into the error window should bring me to the offending line.

This should be in version 1.2.

> -- The window, which a breakpoint was encountered in, should come into the
> foreground. Today I have to click into all windows to see were a breakpoint
> was hit.

It should be coming up... may be a bug or could be that you've altered the
debug.raise-window-on-break preference?  Also, can't you go to the
debugger window and double click on the lowest stack frame?  That's at
least an easier work-around if there is a bug that's preventing display of
the window.  If that also doesn't work, something more serious is wrong.

> -- If I close the Project Manager, all other windows should close too.

The source windows should close if you close the project from the Project
menu, unless you set the preference proj.close-also-windows to false...
but we don't interpret closing the project manager as meaning close the
project or quit the app.  I'm guessing that would be a mistake, although
it's not hard to add a configurable option for this.

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