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[wingide-users] Some bugs, some WEPs on WingIDE 1.1b5 (WinNT)

Tue, 15 May 2001 18:30:25 +0200

What's a WEP? -> WingIDE Enhancement Proposal ;-)

-- The name of the project should be visible in the title bar of the Project
-- *All* windows should be scrollable with a wheel mouse (have a look at
PythonWin from M. Hammond).
-- Strange key mapping on my machine: Pressing Esc fills the line with
-- Shift-Ctrl-greater/less does not work on a German keyboard: The '<' and
the '>' are both on *one* button. For '<' you don't have to press Shift, for
'>' you have to.
-- Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Dn should work at least in source windows (have a look
at PythonWin from M. Hammond).
-- Copy with Ctrl-C does not copy the last character (very anoying).
-- There must be a Tab Nanny (have a look at PythonWin from M. Hammond).
-- You definitely should consider to implement all the COM features of
-- A click into the error window should bring me to the offending line.
-- The window, which a breakpoint was encountered in, should come into the
foreground. Today I have to click into all windows to see were a breakpoint
was hit.
-- If I close the Project Manager, all other windows should close too.

Best regards
Franz Geiger

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