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[wingide-users] commenting regions

Ken Kinder
Mon, 14 May 2001 11:09:41 -0600

Has anyone considered having wingide's comment region function work
like emacs? The issue is that when you comment out a number of lines,
the code after that comment looses indentation:

def foobar():
    a = 1
#    a = a + 1
    print a

If you hit tab on the "print a" line it will tab it out to the level
of the comments, not the last line of code. Emacs works by commenting
code with two pounds, and using normal comments with one pound. Hence,
this would format properly using tab:

print foobar():
# Something exciting
    a = 1
##    a = a + 1
    print a

Just a thought.

Ken Kinder

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