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[wingide-users] Feature Requests

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 2 May 2001 14:38:31 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Andrew Edem wrote:
> 1. Multi-undo/redo menus (ala Word). That way if I do something stupid, I
> can undo multiple steps in one motion, rather than Ctrl+Z'n until my
> fingers fall off.

This has been added for later in 1.x series.  Yes, there's a gap between
undoing a few things and totally reverting that this feature could fill.

> 2. Colapseable code blocks. This is a feature that I've see in in Python
> Win (included in the win32-all python package from Active State), and
> Active State's Komodo IDE. It allows you to click on a "-" in the margin
> for all indented code blocks, and hide them. It's mainly useful if you
> have large classes that you don't want to see at the moment.

We base our editor on Scintilla, which is the same underlying widget used
in Komodo.  Scintilla supports folding; we just haven't enabled it because
there were some problems with it.  The feature is now listed for Wing
version 1.2.  I think it's now reasonably stable.

> 3. Auto complete for instance attributes (ie: those belonging to
> "self"). This shouldn't be too difficult as the source browser can already
> list the instance attributes as well as class attributes. (Also, I don't
> believe the "self" variable itself is auto-completed, even when listed in
> the argument list to a member method.)

Both inclusion of 'self' in the autocompletion list and autocompletion
after typing 'self.' are already supported.  Note that Wing knows where
you're typing so if you type from column zero it won't include 'self' even
if you're in a class and below a method that has 'self'.  But it should be
there if starting at the right indent level within a method.

My guess is that you're running into some problem in code analysis.  You
might want to check the Show Analysis Stats dialog from the Source menu to
see if a reasonable analysis environment is being used.  Also, if you're
using Python 2.1 nested scopes, this might be confusing things as that
isn't fully supported yet in this beta (1.1b4).

If this doesn't help, please send us a sample that replicates this with
info about Python version, and any other Project Preferences and Debug
Properties that you've set.  To look for any backtraces in Wing operation,
you need to set main.print-wing-debug-output=true in your preferences.  
This may yeild some more info also.

Thanks for the suggestions and bug report.

- Stephan

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