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[wingide-users] More Windows problems, cannot find Python

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Tue, 12 Jun 2001 17:13:01 -0400 (EDT)


On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Martijn Pieters wrote:
> Like Nelson Checkin, my installation of Wing 1.1b5 (with all the patches)
> cannot find Python. Unlike Nelson however, specifying the python
> interpreter explicitly does not remedy the problem.
> My setup:
> - Win98SE
> - ActiveState Python 2.1 build 210
> I also cleaned out all remnants of a ActiveState Python 2.0 setup (removed
> all references to it from the registry).
> I tried to set the Python executable in both the Project preferences
> screen and the preferences file (debug.python-exec) with no success. The
> interactive shell and expression evaluator keep stating that there is no
> debug program.

Are you using this as your symptom that Wing is not finding Python? The
expression evaluator and interactive shell currently only function if
you've got an active debug session and you're stopped somewhere in the
program (rather than free-running). They do their work in the context of
the current stack frame, as selected in the main debugger window.  Yes, we
need to change this so they also work when you're not running your debug
program, using just a blank python shell as the execution/evaluation
context, but in any case this is unrelated to whether or not Python is
being found.

What does it say when you bring up the Analysis Stats window from the
Source menu?  The 'interpreter' line lists what python is being used and
should indicate whether or not it's found.

Also, is it still displaying a dialog at startup that Python could not
be found or did that go away once you set a valid Python using the
Project preferences (it should go away at that point)?

Note that 1.1b5 still includes a bug where some internal tests think a
valid Python is not valid... so even if it says "not found" there, you may
want to just try starting a debug session as the real test of whether
Python is being found.  If that works, then things are working (and so
will source code analysis) even tho some indicators make it sound like
Python is not being found.

Sorry for all the confusion... it sounds like this should be simple but
it's been quite a challenge to get our interaction with the external
Python interpreter to work right on Windows.

> Should I leave 1.1b5 for now and go with 1.0 instead? I'd like to use
> Python 2.1 if at all possible. I'll try the Linux version in the meantime
> as well.

1.0 is only for Linux.  1.1b5 on Linux has fewer problems than the Windows
version.  1.1b6 should be out in about a week, and contains some
additional fixes for the not-finding-python confusion that we couldn't 
issue as patches.  Whether it will fix all the problems remains to be
seen of course.

- Stephan

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