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[wingide-users] any ideas why this would happen?

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 13:01:19 -0500 (EST)

We don't touch LD_LIBRARY_PATH so I'm wondering whether it's not some
difference in PYTHON_PATH?  This can be altered from either the Project
Properties or per-file Debug Properties on your main entry point file
(accessed via right-click popup on the project manager).

Another thing to try (assuming you're launching your debug process from
within Wing IDE): Set debug.use-xterm preference to false, in case
spawning the xterm does something weird.

If none of that helps, check in your .login, .profile, and .cshrc/.bash
files to see if you're setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Depending on what you're
doing, these may get executed in some cases and not others and may
be overwriting your desired value for the environment var.

Also, if you're launching your debug process from outside of Wing IDE
using wingdbstub, it's worth a check that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is really being
set as you think it should... the test there would be just to remove
'import wingdbstub' and see if that has any effect.  We've seen problems
similar to this when running under a web server.

Hope that helps... let us know if not.

- Stephan

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On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Mike Decoteau wrote:

> Why would a program run under wing ide on one machine inherit
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and not on another machine?      This is messing up my
> ability to import modules that are swig'ed .so's.  I'm trying to do what I
> can to figure this out, but has anyone seen this behavior before or have any
> ideas?
> Thanks.
> Michael Decoteau, Software Development
> ProfitLogic
> 617-218-1954
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> TSI (Technology Strategy Inc.) is now ProfitLogic.
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