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[wingide-users] Backing up one indent level while entering code?

Gary Bishop
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 09:26:51 EST

Wing IDE looks great! Just what I was looking for.

But I'm trying to figure out how to best use it. I've got indent width set to 
4 and I use spaces only for indentation. I'm in "normal" editor mode.

Say I'm typing an if statement in python

if foo:

Of course the else needs to move back to the margin. Backspace only moves me 
back 1 space. I can type Ctrl-less to move back one level but that is tough to 
type... The manual talks about Shift-tab inserting a backward tab but it seems 
to just insert a normal tab.

I tried rebinding Shift-tab to 'outdent-region' but this doesn't seem to work. 
I copied keymap.normal and changed the entry associated with Shift-tab. I set 
gui.keymap to point to the new file and restarted Wing. The 
Source->indentation menu now shows that Shift-tab is bound to outdent-region.

*BUT*, Shift-tab still appears to insert a tab. Ctrl-less still works.

What's up? My goal is an easy to type sequence for moving back one level in 
indentation. What do other people use?


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