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[wingide-users] Breakpoint is ignored

Chuck Esterbrook
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:23:16 -0800


I just downloaded Wing 1.1rc1 and fired it up for the first time.

I'm having trouble debugging Webware.MiddleKit. I'm running:

with a breakpoint set in:

The breakpoint never kicks in. I added a big print statement right after 
it, so I know the code is executing.

I tried to reproduce this by creating a small codebase from scratch, but 
haven't managed to do so. However, I can give you the steps to recreate 
the bug with Webware in about 5 mins.

You will need MySQL and MySQLdb (the python module).

Download Webware to any directory you like (such as ~/):

> tar xzf Webware-0.6.tar.gz
> cd Webware
> ./
   # ^ this changes files in place
   # it doesn't copy files anywhere or change your system
> cd MiddleKit
> wing Run/ Tests/

- In wing, set a breakpoint in SQLObjectStore at line 199, the first line 
of "def fetchObjectsOfClass(...":
		klass = self._klassForClass(aClass)

- Put a print statement afterwards:
		print '-'*80

- Go back to
- Click "Run until next break point". You can add the run argument 
"MKBasic" to keep the run small (this runs just the test case with that 
name and no others).
- Ignore the exception in which is normal (the Python "for" 
statement keeps chugging until __getitem__ causes an IndexError)..

The program will keep running all the way through to the end. You will see 
many lines in the output like this:

which indicate that the method in question executed. However, the 
breakpoint just above it never caused wing to stop.

I'd very much like to use wing to work on Webware itself and Webware-based 
apps. The MiddleKit test suite is my first try since it doesn't use 
multiple threads or require integration with a web server. The debugger of 
wing is my #1 attraction and reason for investigating this product.

My environment:
- Linux Mandrake 8.1
- Python 2.1.1
- Wing 1.1rc1
- MySQL 3.23.x
- MySQLdb 0.9.x
- egenix mx base 2.0.2

If you need other information or help recreating this, please let me know.

Note that lives inside a subpackage and augments sys.path. That 
seems funky enough that it could be related (although my simple recreation 
of that situation didn't reproduce the bug; eg the breakpoint kicked in).


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