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[wingide-users] debugging oddity

Ken Kinder
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 23:53:49 -0600

I've been using the for some time now, but on the new
version, something odd happens. I turn on passive listen, run my
program, and the debugger says "Program Running" then says "Ready and

Internal Server Error. There is a python stacktrace in the log file. I
can't seem to set break points either. So, I try something silly like
foo() at the top of my file. It error logs out with an unbound
variable blah blah error on my foo() line.

The problem is solved when I quit and restart wing.

This is on the latest version and on python 2.1

BTW, I was pleasantly surprised when it automatically re-opened the same
project file.

Ken Kinder

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