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[wingide-users] Three questions: Backspace, Output and Crashes

Stephan R.A. Deibel
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 09:39:16 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Emile van Sebille wrote:
> I downloaded wing this morning, and have three initial
> observations:
> 1)  How to (destructively) backspace?  ^H and backspace
> don't.

Sounds like you might have your backspace key mapped to 'delete', which is
bound to the 'clear' command under emacs mode and the
'forward-delete-char' command in normal editor mode (as set in
preferences; the default is normal mode).

You can at least get ^H working by adding the following line to the
keymap.emacs or keymap.normal, which are at the top-level of the Wing IDE

'ctrl-h': 'backward-delete-char'

(I've added this to the master copies so this will be fixed in
future beta releases).

There might also be some other keyboard mapping problem... if you can send
more info about your language / setup I might be able to replicate and
figure out what other key(s) need to be added to the keymap files.

> 2)  Where does the print statement results go?

By default, the debugger opens a new xterm and sends output there. Right
now, this closes as soon as the debug session is ended so I'm guessing
this is the source of the confusion.  You can put a breakpoint on your
last line of code to avoid having it close, or you can disable this
feature in your ~/.wingide/preferences file with the following line:


In the latter case, output will go to the window where you launched 
wing (which is of course problematic if you launched it from an icon
or something instead of typing 'wing' from the keyboard).

> 3)  Segmentation fault in (I'm running the
> current cvs version of python)

I'll have to look at this.  We had a problem due to changes in the sockets
support code in the first (and second) 2.0 beta and there may be further
changes since that time that need to be tracked.  For now, I'd recommend
running off one of the packaged distributions since we can't make releases
fast enough to make sure things work with the latest CVS code.  Of course,
also let me know if you still get crashing with Python 2.0b2 (since Python
2.0 release candidate 1 just came out yesterday, we haven't yet tested
with it).

- Stephan

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