[wingware-announce] Wing IDE 3.0.0 alpha3 released

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Wed Jun 13 15:47:49 MDT 2007


We're happy to announce the release of Wing IDE 3.0 alpha 3. It is available
from http://wingware.com/wingide/alpha

Changes since the previous alpha release include:

* Default exception handling mode in debugger has been changed to
   "When Printed" (see compatibility notes below)
* Option to disable stopping more than one thread at a time in
   the debugger
* Support for manually configuring web proxies in license activation
   and feedback dialogs
* Rewritten indentation analysis and conversion
* Show red (error) and yellow (warning) indicators on source code
   for indentation related problems, with tool tip when mouse
   hovers over the error or warning
* Option to set file encoding when reading fails due to encoding errors
* Improved testing tool GUI
* Updated documentation
* Fixed startup failure on machine without Wing 2.1
* Many other bug fixes and some optimizations

The CHANGELOG.txt file in the installation provides additional details.

The major new features in Wing 3.0 are:

  * Multi-threaded debugger
  * Autocompletion in debug probe and interactive shell
  * Debug value tooltips in editor, debug probe, and interactive shell
  * Automatically updating project directories
  * Testing tool, currently supporting unittest derived tests
  * OS Commands tool for executing and interacting with external commands
  * Rewritten indentation analysis and conversion

System requirements are Windows 2000 or later, OS X 10.3.9 or later for PPC or
Intel (requires X11 Server), or a recent Linux system (either 32 or 64 bit).

Compatibility Notes

The default exception mode in the debugger is now 'when printed' rather than
'immediately if unhandled'. The when printed mode will not stop if exception
is handled up the stack, but finally clauses in the stack frames between where
the exception is raised and where it is printed will be executed before the
debugger stops. While this should work with most code, it will break stopping
on exceptions in any code with a catch-all handler written in C or C++ if that
handler does not print the exception. This should be rare; set the Debugger /
Exceptions / Report Exceptions to Immediately if Appear Unhandled to restore
the previous default behavior.

Build commands set in project and file properties are now stored in the OS
Commands tool where environment for the build can be configured separately
from the environment for debugging

Auto-updating project directories are now used by default. The old add
package, add directory tree, and project update scripts have been removed from
the interface. Users converting existing projects may want to delete the
existing files in them and then add directories. Otherwise, the project will
not auto-update its contents.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs using the Submit Bug Report item in the Help menu or by
emailing support at wingware dot com. Please do not submit bug reports to the
wingide-users mailing list. We will read all reports but, to save time for
development, may not respond directly to them all.

This is alpha quality software that installs side-by-side with Wing 2.x or
1.x. We advise you to make frequent backups of your work when using the alpha
or any pre-release version of Wing IDE.


To upgrade a 2.x license or purchase a new 3.x license:

Upgrade        https://wingware.com/store/upgrade
Purchase       https://wingware.com/store/purchase

Any 2.x license sold after May 2nd 2006 is free to upgrade; others cost 1/2
normal price to upgrade.

If you are not ready to upgrade, feel free to keep using a series of trial
licenses. There will be no limit on the number of trials until 3.0 final is


The Wingware Team
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