[wingware-announce] Wing IDE 3.0.0 alpha1 released

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Tue Mar 27 14:11:40 MDT 2007


We're happy to announce the release of Wing IDE for Python version
3.0 alpha 1.  This is an alpha preview release, intended for testing.
We do not recommend using it for production work.

If you are interested in participating in testing pre-releases of
Wing IDE 3.0, please see http://wingware.com/wingide/alpha

The major new features in Wing 3.0 are:

  * Multi-threaded debugger
  * Debug value tooltips in editor, debug probe, and interactive shell
  * Autocompletion in debug probe and interactive shell
  * Automatically updating project directories
  * Testing tool, currently supporting unittest derived tests

The CHANGELOG.txt file in the installation provides additional details.


The Wingware Team
Wingware | Python IDE
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