[wingide-announce] Wing IDE 2.0 Technology Preview

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Mon Mar 22 23:30:19 EST 2004


We're happy to announce the first publically available beta release
for Wing IDE 2.0!

Wing IDE is a powerful software development environment for the
Python programming language.  Key features include a suite of
debugging tools; an editor with auto-completion, call tips,
and error indicators; a source browser; and a project manager.  

This version introduces a redesigned customizable user interface,
call tips, syntax error indicators, editor tabs and splits,
multi-file wildcard and regular expression searching, integrated
documentation and tutorial, German localization, support for
non-ascii encodings, and much more.

Details and downloads for Windows and Linux are available here:


Please remember this is a beta and there are some incomplete features,
quirks, and bugs.                                   

We're very interested in obtaining feedback, so please email us with
comments, requests, suggestions, and bug reports; or talk to John
Ehresman or Stephan Deibel at PyCon this week.



The Wing IDE Team

Wing IDE for Python
Archaeopteryx Software, Inc
Take Flight!


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