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[wingide-announce] New Release: Wing IDE version 1.1.7

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Thu, 14 Nov 2002 16:30:29 -0500 (EST)


We've just released Wing IDE version 1.1.7, which is a maintenance
release that addresses problems encountered by some users:

* Fixed failure to start debug process when PYTHON* defined
  on win32
* Better error reporting if PYTHON* envs conflict with the
  chosen debug interpreter
* Added debugger support for viewing descendents of dict, list,
  and tuple under Python 2.2, and fixes related type/class quirks
* Optional auto-completion using the enter key (set preference
  edit.autocomplete-on-enter=true and restart Wing)
* Added emacs mode alt-b and alt-f key bindings
* Fixed sometimes broken Help menu items on OS X
* Any alt key bindings set in keymap.* files now override the
  menubar's accelerators rather than the other way around, so
  the user has control over which is used by editing the keymaps

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