[archaeopteryx] Wing IDE version 1.1.4

Wing IDE Announce info@wingide.com
Fri, 3 May 2002 09:02:59 -0400 (EDT)


We're happy to announce Wing IDE version 1.1.4.

Downloads:       http://wingide.com/downloads
Trial licenses:  http://wingide.com/wingide/demo
Change log:      ftp://wingide.com/pub/wingide/1.1.4/CHANGELOG.txt

Both the Standard and Lite editions have been updated with a number of
important enhancements:

* Optimized for better performance on large source bases
* Fixed long periods of hanging seen on win98 under certain conditions
* Fixes to multi-part key bindings (like Esc Less)
* Added ctrl-U and Esc + key bindings to emacs mode
* Reuse existing Wing instance when opening additional files from
  the command line (unless you specify --new)
* Zope + Wing bundle for Linux updated to Zope 2.5.1
* 18 other improvements

Free Py with Wing IDE

Now through June 30th, get a free six-issue subscription to Py, a great
new technical journal for Python programmers!

For details:



The Wing IDE Team