[archaeopteryx] Free Py with Wing IDE!

Wing IDE Sales sales@wingide.com
Wed, 24 Apr 2002 13:46:01 -0400 (EDT)


We're pleased to announce:

>From now until the end of June, we're giving away one free subscription
to Py with each purchase of any Wing IDE license.  That's four free
issues, each jam-packed with high-quality technical articles for Python

In case you haven't heard:  Py is a new Python technical journal. The
first issue showed undeniable quality of content, with the following

* Scientific Python: Introducing Numeric by Eric Jones
* Simple CGI Template Processing by Mike Soulier
* Extending Python with C - Part 1 by Alex Martelli
* Image Viewing with TKinter by Blake Garretson
* Threading and the Global Interpreter Lock by Aahz

We felt it well worth supporting, and hope you will do the same, either
with a purchase of Wing IDE before June 30th, or by subscribing directly.

For details:        http://wingide.com/promo/pyzine
Pyzine website:     http://pyzine.com/


- Stephan