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[archaeopteryx] Wing IDE 1.1 release candidate 1

Stephan R.A. Deibel sdeibel at
Tue, 4 Dec 2001 17:45:20 -0500 (EST)


We're pleased to announce a candidate for final release of Wing IDE
version 1.1 for Windows and Linux.  Downloads are available here:

This release should be free of all but minor bugs for the feature 
set documented in the manual.  However, as always, please report 
any problems encountered to  The purpose of this
release candidate is to shake out any additional problems that may 
be found in the field before the final release is made -- something 
we cannot do without your help!

Highlights of changes

Many changes have been made since 1.1b8 was released in October.
These include:

- Support for Windows XP
- Support for Python 2.2
- Debugger supports almost all cases where modules are loaded
  using a partial or relative path name
- Debugger redirects Python stdin correctly for Debug Probe and
  Interactive Shell
- Debugger multiplexes keyboard I/O with the debug network
  connection, so it can respond to the IDE during input(),
  raw_input(), or
- View manager and next/previous view navigation
- Keyboard navigation of source browser and project manager
- Many other improvements and bug fixes

Price Increases Planned

As noted previously, introductory pricing for Wing IDE is scheduled
to end with release 1.1 final.  Please order now to take advantage
of the current low pricing:

Your purchase includes free upgrades through the 1.x version series.

Help Define Future Development

The new mini-survey on our website gives you a chance to help define
where our future development will head.  Please take a minute to 
fill it out:

Or, send suggestions to

Thanks so much to our dedicated beta testers and to all those that
have helped to make Wing IDE a better product!


The Archaeopteryx Team
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