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[archaeopteryx] Linux Wing IDE for Python beta release

John Ehresman jpe at
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 17:47:29 -0400 (EDT)


I'm happy to announce beta release of Wing IDE, a commercial integrated
development environment for Python.  The beta release runs on Linux and
requires a Python 1.5.2 interpreter;  A Windows 9*/NT/2K version and
support for the 2.0 interpreter will be available subsequently.

Wing IDE may be obtained, along with a free 30-day evaluation license,

Features include:

* Graphical debugger with the ability to debug remote processes, such
  as web CGIs.  The core of the debugger is implemented in C, making it 
  much faster than the standard pdb module.
* Powerful source code editor, including syntax highlighting,
  auto-completion, auto-indentation, source structure menu, multi-part key
  bindings, keyboard/command macros, and an emacs personality.
* Module- and class-oriented code browsing based on continually updated 
  analysis of source code.

A single user license for Wing IDE costs $99 US.  At our discretion, we
offer discounts for students, volume purchases, and non-commercial open
source developers.

We hope you'll take a test flight today, and look forward to your feedback
on how Wing IDE can be improved!


John Ehresman

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