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The best Python IDE. And I have tried them all! -- Ahmed Ali

Wing IDE Personal - Version 4.1.14-1 - Released 2013-09-06

Wing IDE Personal is a low-cost Python IDE designed for students and hobbyists. It omits some features found in Wing IDE Professional.

A free 30-day trial is included with your download, and can be activated when Wing IDE Personal is launched for the first time.

This version of Wing IDE requires an X11 Server on OS X. Use Wing 5 or later to run Wing as a native application.

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Other OSes:   Windows   OS X   Linux 64-bit  
Other Versions:   6.0.1-1   5.1.12-1   5.0.9-1   3.2.13-1   older versions

Download Wing IDE Personal v. 4.1.14