Wing IDE Personal v. 4.1.14-1 Installers

Wing IDE Personal is a low-cost Python IDE designed for students and hobbyists. It omits some features found in Wing IDE Professional.The OS X version requires an X11 Server.

Change Log

Change Log  4.1.14-1   


Wing IDE Personal / Windows  4.1.14-1   SHA1:1ec14fa20415377f6bdcfdfd7a88cf9138790771

Linux - Debian/Ubuntu Package

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:02c0fc339e77f4ff9eb0a2e4a2a3eb8129641d8c

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:dc701620efb40585a8e6ff65d0d57903df35a896

Linux - RPM Package

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:78136208724317f20eb4be7f9cadd0d3cbcf9c7f

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:3f623840478500aa44655151f0093087d7b70193

Linux - Universal Tar Package

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:954a6cb011996170d812641b84b9b1e77317ba86

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.14-1   SHA1:3031ba0e39d39a84f3889a67ec995b19fe1cc590

Zip Installer Archive

Wing IDE Personal / Windows  4.1.14-1   SHA1:d2ba933c8370818b61c31b6656d039188419391e

OS X - Disk Image

Wing IDE Personal / OS X 10.3+ (Intel) with X11 Server  4.1.14-1   SHA1:e94c96620eba115eec84984097602003d7178530


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