Wing IDE Personal v. 4.1.13-1 Installers

Wing IDE Personal is a low-cost Python IDE designed for students and hobbyists. It omits some features found in Wing IDE Professional.The OS X version requires an X11 Server.

Change Log

Change Log  4.1.13-1   


Wing IDE Personal / Windows  4.1.13-1   SHA1:2d06a93196accd639622b93ca114514d43d2d37c

Linux - Debian/Ubuntu Package

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.13-1   SHA1:c18291f41bdd1e25e7bdc26eb7ee990537e4b132

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.13-1   SHA1:d7a32130bc709ab73d1de5c7b410c02251d2558f

Linux - RPM Package

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.13-1   SHA1:1ac9bf69b32ecb4af40e2b3f54d5fac8324e626a

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.13-1   SHA1:f461e01c0d5c2ba2f14805113c596ced32e7baa7

Linux - Universal Tar Package

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 32-bit)  4.1.13-1   SHA1:c592d78b92ee4c41d2836b30d2f6000bc087a788

Wing IDE Personal / Linux (x86 64-bit)  4.1.13-1   SHA1:ecc7722573f1e967761c76c3a0925aa911436904

Zip Installer Archive

Wing IDE Personal / Windows  4.1.13-1   SHA1:7243a8b528c3d4178922adca90b54aeca6c23dc4

OS X - Disk Image

Wing IDE Personal / OS X 10.3+ (Intel) with X11 Server  4.1.13-1   SHA1:4eab45b2f9fce249655b806504ae8370bfe2e86c


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