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SHA1: 061f0462aa74f5c8743ab2d4dcea883a4beb2d04

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SHA1: edc0796b7e951997786508309aa6dea14bf6a19d

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The easiest way to apply patches is with Check for Updates in Wing's Help menu. To apply a patch manually, unpack it into the Installation Directory listed in Wing's About box. After restarting Wing, the About box will also show the installed patches by number.

Fix vi mode mark ranges6.0.7-1p1  Fix vi mode : ranges that reference marks by name
Improve remote connection healing6.0.7-1p2  Improves reliability of remote development through network outtages by healing broken connections
Optimize Recent Lists6.0.7-1p3  Optimize reading and merging recent lists, which could significantly impact performance of most IDE functionality
Fix auto-perspectives6.0.7-1p4  Fix auto-perspectives to correctly switch between the edit and debug perspectives when debug is started and stopped.
Fix rare problems stopping debug6.0.7-1p5  Fix failure to stop debug on systems with conflicting text encodings
Fix failure to exit6.0.7-1p6  Fix failure to exit Wing Pro in some cases

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