Configuring Subversion

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Installing Subversion

On Windows: Download from and add installation location to PATH environment variable from the Advanced tab of the System control panel

On Linux/Unix: Install Subversion using the packages that came with your Linux/Unix distribution or download from and build from sources.

Subversion with SSH

First time configuration: Install and configure SSH as described earlier (this also loads authentication information into the cache for the current session)

To check out a repository: Type svn checkout svn+ssh://hostname/path/to/repository. If you're not sure what to check out try this first: svn list svn+ssh://hostname/

Future sessions require: On Windows, double click on your private key file and enter your pass phrase, or on Linux/Unix, run ssh-add and enter your pass phrase.

Subversion with http/https or file URLs

To check out a repository with http or https, type svn checkout http://hostname/path/to/repository. If you're not sure what to check out try this first: svn list http://hostname/

To check out a repository with file: URLs, type svn checkout file:///path/to/repository You will be prompted for your user name and password, which will be cached by Subversion for future sessions.