Configuring CVS

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Installing CVS

On Windows: Download from and add installation location to PATH environment variable from the Advanced tab of the System control panel

On Linux/Unix: Install CVS from using the packages that came with your Linux/Unix distribution or download from and build from sources.

Using CVS with SSH

First time configuration: Install and configure SSH as described earlier (this also loads authentication information into the cache for the current session). Then: On Windows, add CVS_RSH=plink to your environment from the Advanced tab of the System control panel. On Linux/Unix, add CVS_RSH=ssh to your environment. For example, CVS_RSH=ssh; export CVS_RSH on the command line, or add this to your .bashrc file. Note that Environment in your Project Properties can also be used to set CVS_RSH or other environment variables, however only for CVS commands issued from the IDE.

To check out a repository: Type cvs -d :ext:username@hostname:/path/to/repository co module_name

Future sessions require: On Windows, double click on your private key file and enter your pass phrase, or on Linux/Unix, run ssh-add and enter your pass phrase

Using CVS with pserver

CVS's pserver authentication mechanism is obsolete but it is still used for anonymous CVS access in some places, such as on If you are working with a pserver repository that requires a password, then you will need to issue cvs login once from the command line before starting Wing.