Integrated Version Control

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Wing Pro includes integrated support for the Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar, Git, CVS, and Perforce version control systems. Version control operations can be accessed with a menu on the main menubar, context menus in the editors and Project view, and a tool available from the Tools menu.

By default Wing auto-detects which version control system is in use for your project, based on files and directories that have been added to the project, and assigns a single active system for project-wide operations such as status, update, or commit. However, when right-clicking in the editor or Project view, the appropriate version control system is used even if this is different from the one defined for the project as a whole.

The name of the menu in the menu bar and the tool in the Tools menu changes to match the version control system that Wing is using for the project as a whole. Which version control systems will be considered for projects can be controlled by enabling or disabling each one in the Version Control preferences group.

Wing relies on being able to run the command line executable, such as svn, git, or p4, for any version control system in use. It also relies on an external ssh agent or other security agent to help authorize version control operations. Wing does not store passwords nor does it provide a way to enter them for each operation. See Version Control Configuration for help configuring ssh or the command line executables.

Note that version control operations are directory-based, just as they are on the command line, and most operations are applied recursively to sub-directories and their files. This is true even if those sub-directories or files are not visible in the Project view in Wing.

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