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Introduction for New Users

Thanks for trying Wing IDE Professional! This is a full-featured Python IDE with many powerful features for navigating, editing, debugging, testing, and managing your code. To learn more about Wing IDE Pro:

  • Read the How-Tos to learn how to Wing with 3rd party GUI toolkits, web development frameworks, Python-based modeling, rendering & compositing systems, and other Python frameworks and toolkits.

Section Contents

Wing IDE Tutorial
   1.0. Tutorial: Getting Started
   1.1. Tutorial: Getting Around Wing IDE
   1.2. Tutorial: Check your Python Integration
   1.3. Tutorial: Set Up a Project
   1.4. Tutorial: Setting Python Path
   1.5. Tutorial: Introduction to the Editor
   1.6. Tutorial: Navigating Code
   1.7. Tutorial: Debugging
      1.7.0. Tutorial: Debug I/O
      1.7.1. Tutorial: Debug Process Exception Reporting
      1.7.2. Tutorial: Interactive Debugging
      1.7.3. Tutorial: Execution Environment
      1.7.4. Tutorial: Debugging from the Python Shell
      1.7.5. Tutorial: Debugging Code Not Launched by the IDE
      1.7.6. Tutorial: Other Debugger Features
   1.8. Tutorial: Auto-Editing
   1.9. Tutorial: Turbo Completion Mode (Experimental)
   1.10. Tutorial: Refactoring
   1.11. Tutorial: Indentation Features
   1.12. Tutorial: Other Editor Features
   1.13. Tutorial: Unit Testing
   1.14. Tutorial: Version Control Systems
   1.15. Tutorial: Searching
   1.16. Tutorial: Other IDE Features
   1.17. Tutorial: Further Reading

Introduction for New Users