Handling Large Values and Strings in the Debugger

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To avoid hanging up on large values during stepping and other debugger actions, the debugger limits the size of constructs that it will display.

You can alter the size limit on large compound values with the Huge List Threshold preference. If you do this, you may also need to increase the debugger's patience in waiting for these large lists to transfer with the Network Timeout preference.

Long strings are also truncated by default when they are sent to the IDE from the debug process. The maximum displayable length of strings is controlled with the Huge String Threshold preference.

To view all of a truncated string, right click on them in the Stack Data tool and select Show Detail from the popup that appears. Alternatively, in Wing Pro, you can use the Debug Probe or Watch tools, accessible from the Tools menu. For example, for a large array, you can enter a value like a[2:5][7] to arrive at a manageable value size.