Replace in Multiple Files

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For searches that operate on open files, replace always occurs in the open file editor and can be undone or saved to disk subsequently, as with any other edit operation.

When replacing text in batch mode, some of the files being searched may not currently be open in an editor. In this case, Wing will by default open all altered files and make changes in newly created editors that remain open until the user saves and closes them explicitly. This is the safest way to undertake multi-file global replace operations because it clearly shows which files have been altered and makes it possible to undo changes.

An alternative approach is available by selecting the Replace Operates on Disk option from the Options popup. This will cause Wing to change files directly on disk in cases when there is no currently open editor.

Because global replace operations can be tricky to do correctly, we strongly recommend using a revision control system or frequent backups and manually comparing file revisions before accepting files that have been altered.