Notes on Copy/Paste

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There are a number of ways to cut, copy, and paste text in the editor:

  • Use the Edit menu items. This stores the copy/cut text in the system-wide clipboard and can be pasted into or copied from other applications.
  • Use key equivalents as defined in the Edit menu.
  • Right-click on the editor surface and use the items in the popup menu that appears.
  • Select a range of text and drag it using the drag and drop feature. This will move the text from its old location to the new location, either within or between editors.
  • On Linux, select text anywhere on the display and then click with the middle mouse button to insert it at the point of click.
  • On Windows and Mac OS X, click with the middle mouse button to insert the current emacs private clipboard (if in emacs mode and the buffer is non-empty) or the contents of the system-wide clipboard (in all other cases). This behavior may be disabled via the Middle Mouse Paste preference

  • In emacs mode, ctrl-k (kill-line) will cut one line at a time into the private emacs clipboard. This is kept separate from the system-wide clipboard and is pasted using ctrl-y (yank-line). On Windows and Mac OS X, ctrl-y will paste the contents of the system-wide clipboard only if the emacs clipboard is empty.
  • In VI mode, named text registers are supported.

It is important to note which actions use the system-wide clipboard, which use the emacs private clipboard or VI registers, and which use the X11 selection (Linux only). Otherwise, these commands are interchangeable in their effects.

Smart Copy

Wing can be configured to copy or cut the whole current line when there is no selection on the editor. This is done with On Empty Selection in the Editor > Clipboard preference group. The default is to use the whole line on copy but not cut.