Indentation Preferences

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The following preferences affect how the indentation features behave:

  • The Use Indent Analysis preference is used to control whether analysis of current file content is used to determine the type of indentation placed during edits. It can be enabled for all files, only for Python files, or disabled. Note that disabling this preference for Python files can result in a potentially broken mix of indentation in the files. In general, indent styles should not be mixed within a single Python file.
  • The Default Tab Size preference defines the position of tab stops and is used to determine the rendering of files with tabs only, or non-Python files with mixed tab and space indentation. In Python files with mixed indents, this value is ignored and the file is always shown in the way that the Python interpreter would see it.
  • The Default Indent Size preference defines the default size of each level of indent, in spaces. This is used in new empty files or when indent analysis has been disabled. Wing may override this value in files that contain only tabs in indentation, in order to make it a multiple of the configured tab size.
  • The Default Indent Style preference defines the default indentation style, one of spaces-only, tabs-only, or mixed. This is used in new empty files or when indent analysis has been disabled. Mixed indentation replaces each tab-size spaces with one tab character.

These preferences define how indentation is handled by the editor:

  • The Auto-Indent preference controls whether or not each new line is automatically indented.
  • The Show Indent Guides preference controls whether or not to show indentation guides as light vertical lines. This value can be overridden on a file-by-file basis from Editor tab in File Properties.
  • The Show Python Indent Warnings preference can be used to enable or disable warnings for Python files that may contain confusing or damaged indentation.
  • The Show Override Warnings preference controls whether or not Wing shows a warnings when the user enters indentation that does not match the form already within a file. This is currently only possible in non-Python files, by altering the Indent Style attribute in File Properties.

Wing 101 omits most of the above preferences.