Static Analysis Limitations

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The following are known limitations affecting features based on static source analysis:

  • Argument number, name, and type is not determined for functions and methods in extension modules.
  • Analysis sometimes fails to identify the type of a construct because Python code doesn't always provide clues to determine the data type.
  • Types of elements in lists, tuples, and dictionaries are not identified.
  • Analysis information may be out of date if you edit a file externally with another editor and don't reload it in Wing. See section Auto-reloading Changed Files for reload options.
  • From time to time, as Python changes, some newer Python language constructs and possible type inferencing cases are not supported.

A good way to work around these limitations, when they arise, is to place a breakpoint in the code where you are working, run to it, and then auto-completion and other information presented by the IDE will be based on the actual runtime state rather than static analysis.

See Helping Wing Analyze Code for more information.