Specifying Main Entry Point

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Normally, Wing will start debugging in whatever file you have active in the frontmost editor. Depending on the nature of your project, you may wish to specify a file or a named entry point as the default debug entry point. This is done with Set Current As Main Debug File in the Debug menu, by right clicking on a file in the Project tool and selecting Set As Main Debug File, or by setting Main Entry Point in Project Properties.

When a main debug entry point is specified, it is used whenever you start the debugger, except when using Debug Current File in the Debug menu, or when right-clicking on an entry in the project manager and choosing the Debug Selected context menu item.

Note that the path to the main debug file is highlighted in red in the project window.

The main entry point defined for a project is also used by the source code analysis engine to determine the python interpreter version and Python path to use for analysis. Thus, changing this value will cause all source files in your project to be reanalyzed from scratch. See section Source Code Analysis for details.

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