OS X Debugging Notes

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System-Provided Python

The copy of Python in /Library/Python on OS X does not include source files for the standard libraries, so Wing's editor will not offer autocompletion values for those modules. To work around this, use Python from within /Library/Frameworks/Python.frameworks instead or copy of Python installed from the standard source distribution.

MacPorts Python

At least some versions of the MacPorts packaging of Python are known not to work with Wing's debugger because it contains an _md5 module that won't load. To work around this, use a different distribution of Python instead.

Debugging 32-bit Python on a 64-bit System

On 64-bit OS X systems, you can set up a shell script with the following contents and set it as the Python Executable in Project Properties, in order to facilitate debugging Python in 32-bit mode:

arch -i386 python "$@"

This should only be necessary if your code needs 32-bit libraries. Wing's debugger works in either 64-bit or 32-bit mode.