Identifying Foreign Processes

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When debugging externally launched code in Wing Pro (as described in Debugging Externally Launched Code), you may use the kAttachPort constant in to set the port on which the debug process will listen for attach requests from Wing. This is useful when spawning multiple processes concurrently, or in other cases where the debug process may not be able to attach to Wing Pro as it starts up.

It is important to set unique values for the kAttachPort value for each concurrent, externally-launched process. If the set port is in use, a random port number will be used instead and it may be difficult to determine this number if the process cannot initially contact Wing Pro to register itself.

Once this is done, the debug process can be reached from Wing Pro by typing its host/port into the Attach dialog text areas. If you find yourself typing a host/port value often, it is best to add that value to the Common Attach Hosts preference.

See section Debugging Externally Launched Code for more information.