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Setting Overall Display Theme

Wing is based on GTK2, a cross-platform user interface toolkit that provides customizable themes, which control the overall look and feel of the user interface. Wing's default theme varies by platform (a Windows emulation theme is used on Windows, and an OS X like theme on OS X) and can be changed with the Display Theme preference.

In most cases, the new theme will instantly be applied to Wing's user interface. When switching back to default settings, a restart may be needed in some cases, as indicated by message dialog.

Some systems with slower graphics cards may not run as well using the more colorful 3D rendered themes. In this case, using the Gtk Default theme is the best option, as it involves no extra graphics-level processing.

System GTK on Linux

On Linux systems with GTK 2.6 or later installed, it is possible to run Wing with the system-wide GTK installation and system-defined themes. This is controlled with the Use System GTK preference or the --system-gtk or --private-gtk command line arguments. Wing works reasonably well with most 2.6.x GTK2 releases, but there still may be problems resulting from version differences. If you have any problems with Wing's stability or are seeing display glitches, you should use the private gtk option.

Setting Overall Display Theme