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The following distinctions of scope and source are made among the symbols that are shown in the source browser. Constructs in each category can be shown or hidden as a group using the filters in the Options menu:

  • Public -- Constructs accessible to any user of a module or instance. These are names that have no leading underscores, such as Print() or kMaxListLength.
  • Semi-Private -- Constructs intended for use only within related modules or from related or derived classes. These are names that have one leading underscore, such as _NotifyError() or _gMaxCount. Python doesn't enforce usage of these constructs, but they are helpful in writing clean, well-structured code and are recommended in the Python language style guide.
  • Private -- Constructs intended to be private to a module or class. These are names that have two leading underscores, such as __ConstructNameList() or __id_seed. Python enforces local-only access to these constructs in class methods. See the Python documentation for details.
  • Inherited -- Constructs inherited from a super-class.
  • Imported -- Constructs imported into a module with an import statement.

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Filtering Scope and Source